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Dino Rentos Studios is the SouthEast Distributor of Polygem Products

Call us for pricing on all of your Polgem Needs.

Save money on shipping your favorite products !

Amazing new foam coatings !! Scroll Down to See Them All...

EPS Foam Primer Coating

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This is a special formula EPS Foam Primer.   This primer will seal the foam for any paint application or hardshell coating.
STUDIO FOAM-PRIME also adds some integrety to the foam. It is not a hard coating but with a layer of STUDIO FOAM-PRIME, then a layer of  paint will give the foam a stiff outer layer on the foam.  This is good for basic, limited use, Foam props and foam shapes.
STUDIO FOAM-PRIME will help fill in the foam "holes" a bit and seals them so the holes do not absorb all the paint.

We use STUDIO FOAM-PRIME on all of our non-hard shelled foam props for the best possible results.

STUDIO FOAM-PRIME is water based and cleans up easily.  Like a thick creamy paint it is brushed and rolled on easily. It can also be sprayed.

Studio E-Z Sculpt / Epoxy Clay Foam Coating

[Click Here For More Information and to Order Online]

Epoxy Clay. This is amazing !! Mix together this epoxy clay by neading it. You then can sculpt anything with the clay and in 24hrs it's hard as a rock !.

Epoxy Clay Foam Coating. Apply the clay over your foam sculpture. You then can texturize the clay and let it dry. This creates the most amazing foam coating ever. The Epoxy clay will not release from the foam as it binds with it. This is by far the most versitile foam coating ever.

Epoxy Plastic Foam Coating


STUDIO FOAM-GEM is a water based epoxy coating specially formulated for use as a hard coat for foam surfaces.  STUDIO FOAM-GEM  unique water based formulation allows for ease of application.

You can add Thickener Agent to make STUDIO FOAM-GEM thicker to brush on and stay.  It will self level leaving a smooth fleaxible plastic surface foam coating.

This Foam is Great for that smooth foam coat your looking for !

Call us for Qty discounts

Epoxy Paste Foam Coating


STUDIO SCULPTING PASTE is a 100% solids fire-retardent epoxy system specially formulated to a trowelable paste consistency for sculpturing and fabricating projects. STUDIO SCULPTING PASTE will cure into an extremely strong and light-weight plastic that is easily sanded or shaped. STUDIO SCULPTING PASTE can be tinted or painted and will even accept stains. STUDIO SCULPTING PASTE bonds well to most surfaces including fiberglass, foams, metal, wood and concrete. STUDIO SCULPTING PASTE is solvent free so it won’t melt or dissolve foam surfaces.

Polyurea Plastic Coat - Foam Coating for Sculptures and Foam Shapes

Need to plastic coat that artwork?

Professional Urethane Foam Coating
Brushable (UFC-B)

Brushable Dino Rentos Studios EPS Foam Sculpture Coating is what you need to finish off your project. Our newest coating gives your artwork that durrable plastic shell that you have been looking for. Our unique foam coating will fill in the holes and leave a smooth hard plastic coat. It can be sanded after curing.

UFC-B has an easy mix ratio of 1:1. You then have 10 minutes working time (Pot Life) to brush on the plastic coating. It leaves no brush marks. Cures In under a hour. For the professional results you need this is it.

Example:We Used 1 gallon Total (.5 Gal A and .5 Gal B) to coat a 6 foot snowman with 2 coats.

I Want to Order This Foam Coating!
2 Quart Kit (1 Quart A and 1 Quart B) [Click To Order]
2 Gallon Kit (1 Gallon A and 1 Gallon B) [Click To Order]

[Click here for Technical Information)

[Click Here for More Info]

Foam Shield - Acrylic Latex Resin Foam Coating for Sculptures and Foam Shapes

Dino Rentos Studios Foam Shield is a protective yet flexible hard foam coat for Foam Sculptures, Props and Architectural foam shapes. Foam Shield is manufactured using acrylic latex resins comprised of water-based polymers and other unique compounds. THis is a simple premixed, 1 componet coating. Ready To Use ! And yes, It Can Be Sanded !

This coating is like a batter that you brush on your foam sculpture and gives it the hard outer coat for indoor or outdoor use !  Cleans up with water  !!!!

This carefully crafted formula drastically reduces the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.'s) making it safe for applicators and the environment.

Dino Rentos Studios Foam Shield Coating is Available Quart and Gallon Sizes

Brushable and Sprayable

Key Features

- Single product - no top coat required
- Excellent adhesion - no primer required
- No mesh required
- No cement in Foam Shield
- Applies with Hopper Gun or Brush
- Environmentally Friendly
- Water Bourne Compound
- Pre-mixed 
- Low V.O.C. Content
- Easy Water Clean-up

Key Additives Include:

- Two Biocides, both Wet State and Dry Film, to prolong shelf life and increase mold resistance

- Plasticizers to reduce brittleness and increase flexibility to closely match the expansion and contraction of foam

- Pseudoplastic Rheology modifiers to reduce sagging and enhanced leveling during application

- Surfectants to prevent cratering and cracking during application and drying

MSDS Technical Information [Click Here]

I Want to Order This Foam Coating!

[Click Here to order online]  Foam  Shield:  Foam Sculpture Coating (1 Gallon) 

[Click Here To Order Online]  Foam Shield: Foam Sculpture Coating (1 Quart)

Spray Coating and Cartridge Systems for Foam Carvings, Props and Sculptures

Dino Rentos Studios Pro Spray Gun

Here is the professional tool you'll need for exact results.

The Dino Rentos Pro Spray gun connects to your compressor.  Have a least 100lbs of pressure.

Add your choice of spray cartridge and apply your coating or rubber as needed.


[Click Here To Order Online]

Additional Mixing and Spray Tips

Urethane Rubber Cartridge Unit for Pro Spray Gun

Polyurethane Cartridge for Pro Spray Gun

PolyUrea Cartridge for Pro Spray Gun

Plastic Cartridge for Pro Spray Gun

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